A California-based manufacturer of UV-C technology has been acquired by a water filtration and disinfection company.

Evoqua Water Technologies and its recently acquired Neptune-Benson business has purchased Delta Ultraviolet Corporation. The terms of the deal announced August 8 have not been disclosed.

"We’re excited to add another strong UV solution to our offerings, giving our customers more choices when it comes to their water disinfection needs," said Ken Rodi, president of Evoqua’s Neptune Benson business.

The acquisition adds Delta’s UV systems to Evoqua and Neptune Benson’s portfolio of UV solutions, including ETS-UV systems and Wallace & Tiernan brand Barrier UV products. Evoqua and Neptune Benson will now offer UV solutions for a large variety of applications, ranging from Municipal, Industrial, Recreational and Residential water applications.

Delta UV Corp., was sold to the French firm Bio-UV in 2006. In march of this year, Evoqua Water Technologies purchased Neptune Benson.