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River Pool Projects: The Latest Metro Must-Have?

New York's East River + Pool is part of a growing trend. More

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Swimmer Extraordinaire

Lifelong aquatics professional Jane Katz's incredible journey More

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Crowdfunded Pool Gains Global Attention

A floating public pool has made headlines for its ambitious design goals and use... More

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Dream Designs Title Awarded to Ithaca College Athletic and Events Center

Aquatics International spotlights the Ithaca College Athletic and Events Center in... More

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Frank Guido

As assistant Commissioner at the Westchester County (N.Y.) Bureau of Public Health... More

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The Nine Lives of Billy Rose

AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY’ is how the author introduces this story about her brother,... More

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N.Y. County to Require UV on Pools

In a move that could be a harbinger for the state, Westchester County, N.Y., has adopted the state’s ultraviolet sanitation system requirement for commercial pools with waterfeatures. More

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