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Solving the Problem of Priming a Pool Pump

Learn how one North Carolina pool builder created a solution to this age-old... More

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These Tips Will Help You Make the Most of a Variable-Speed Pump

The best programming and hydraulics make all the difference. More

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On the High Rise: The Special Challenges of Podium Swimming Pools

Placed on the second story or above, these pools are becoming more popular -- and... More

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Swimming Pool and Spa Suction Fittings: A Crucial Standard Revised

The standard has seen its first major update in several years. It now requires... More

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How Soil Conditions Can Affect Swimming Pools and Their Construction

While not the most glamorous aspect of aquatics design, geotechnical conditions... More

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A New Beginning

A center built in the aftermath of a horrendous tornado pays tribute to local history More

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Amenities For All

In addition to packing in the features, this facility is stunning in its clean... More

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Pool Urination Study Causes Media Flurry

A study that highlights the health risks of urine in swimming pools has received a... More

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