Recreational Water Illnesses

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Three Ways to Reduce Liability at Your Pool

Smaller facilities fall under different local rules and regulations, but they... More

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LaMotte Presents the Bluetooth ColorQ 2x PRO 7

Learn which seven tests this photometer will perform and why its dual-optic design... More

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Hayward Presents the HydroRite UV Disinfection System

Discover how the HydroRite can sterilize and disinfect with little to no impact on... More

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CMP Presents DEL AOP Pro

Discover the multiple benefits to supplemental sanitization using DEL AOP Pro. More

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The Coronavirus and Aquatics Facility Safety

Aquatic consultant Alison Osinski answers frequently asked questions she's... More

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MAHC Committee Recommends New CYA Parameters

The group believes CYA levels should be determined by calculating its ratio to... More

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Another Amoeba Death Blamed on a Waterpark

This marks the second fatality in a little over a year. More

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Where Do Surf Parks Fall on the Aquatics Sanitization Spectrum?

A new type of recreational water raises questions about the need to treat. More

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