August's challenge was a doozy.

Our judge, Pete DeQuincy, decided to close out the season with his toughest challenge yet: A shallow water rescue drill in which playing the victim was equally as important as performing a timely, accurate rescue.

Not only was this a difficult challenge to execute, it was difficult to judge. DeQuincy recruited two more judges to evaluate the submissions, keeping a keen eye out for those crucial details that could make or break a performance.

Though all participants put in admirable performances, there can only be one August Challenge Winner. Kudos to the City of Temecula on a near flawless demonstration.

Watch DeQuincy explain how he judged this particular challenge, plus footage of Team Temecula in action.

That's a wrap for this year's challenge. However, we have one more winner to announce. Next month, we'll award the overall reigning champ of the 2016 AI Summer Lifeguard Challenge.

Stay tuned!

2016 Lifeguard Challenge Winner for August