To keep up with the times, all organizations must create newer, more imaginative ways to better serve their clients and, as a happy byproduct, make their businesses better. The best ideas reverberate beyond the originator, inevitably elevating whole industries.

The aquatics field is no different. In 2015, our community bore witness to many extremely innovative ideas that no doubt will change the aquatic landscape for the better. In honor of these top trendsetters, we present the 2015 Best of Aquatics! Click on the names of the facilities below to read about each recipient.


Budget constraints meant this new waterpark had to be creative to get the word out that it was open for business.

Wet ‘N’ Wild Waterworld

This family-owned waterpark believes in “giving back” and is dedicated to promoting water safety and drowning prevention, and aiding food collection efforts.

Alga Norte Community Park Aquatic Center

It took nearly 14 years to build the Alga Norte Community Park Aquatic Center in Carlsbad, Calif., and the end result is worthy of a 2015 Best of Aquatics nod for Green Building practices.

City of Phoenix Aquatics

The city of Phoenix Aquatics developed a new, more efficient way to test lifeguards.

Galter LifeCenter

Galter LifeCenter, an adult-only medical fitness center in Chicago, tripled its revenue in just three years by re-envisioned its Aquababies program.

River Road Park and Recreation District

A special recreation district on the outskirts of Eugene, Ore. equips all employees with lifesaving skills, not just lifeguards.

Columbia Association

The Columbia Association, a planned community in Maryland, caters equally to serious competitors and leisurely swimmers.

Nova Southeastern University

In an effort to ensure that students were getting the most comprehensive diving education, Nova Southeastern University created their own diving program for students and non-students alike.

North Valleys Splash Park

An aviation-themed splashpad in Nevada's high desert stands as a monument to the National Championship Air Races, held each year north of Reno.

Overland Park Parks & Recreation Department

Overland Park has 200 seasonal lifeguards on staff every year and it's a challenge to manage all of them and keep their staff engaged throughout the season.