Each year, Aquatics International produces a list of new products for the commercial aquatics industry. And 2016 will be no different.

In anticipation of the official reveal in January, we are offering a sneak peak into what's new and hot for the coming year with the editor's picks from the selection.

Check out these standouts and stay tuned for the complete list in the coming weeks.

1. Aflex Technologies has given its floating modular waterpark Aqua Adventure series a face lift. Featuring connecting sleeves which enable endless configuration possibilities, various elements include towers, slides, entry pads, swings, bridges, entry pads and more.

2. Made from recycled plastic to eliminate splintering and rusting, the new life vest rack from Antiwave Pool Products is designed to withstand aquatic environments and can hold up to 64 life vests in adult and child sizes.

3. LaMotte Company's Mobile WaterLink Spin Lab transfers test results from a Bluetooth photometer to a smartphone or tablet. It measures 11 properties including free chlorine, total chlorine, bromine, pH, calcium hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron, phosphate and borate.

4. The Defender RMF System Controller by Neptune-Benson is a new graphic interface for controlling and monitoring the company's Defender Regenerative Media Filter that provides control of bump and precoat cycles, pneumatic valves, recirculation pumps, vacuum transfer system, data logging, and more. 5.Designed to use 50 percent less water and energy than previous propulsion systems, ProSlide's RocketBLAST  for water coasters features zone-blocking, sensors, a sophisticated control system, patented nozzle jets and boat pockets that drive 3- to 4-person boats.

6.  Luma Tubes from Rave Sports are single round tubes with internal LED lighting that has five color changing modes. Made from clear pearl frosted PVC vinyl and measuring 48 inches around, they come with anti-UV fading and anti-mold/mildew protection.

7. Recreonics has expanded the Wibit line of inflatable modular play structures with the addition of the WiBit Roundabout, which makes up the central meeting place of the INFINITY configuration and offers endless routes for pool patrons.

8.  RenoSys’ new PVC pool shell is a commercial-grade pool liner that is designed to stop existing leaks, prevent new ones and create a watertight pool interior. It features new wider rolls, which reduce the number of seams, and has an encapsulated edge.

9. Engineered with RTM technology to provide a sleek, high-tech look, the  Velocity Starting Blocks from S.R. Smith feature TreadTrue surfaces to provide grip and slip resistance and a track that can be adjusted to five positions. 10. T-Star Enterprises UNA automatic pool cover re-winder is a battery-powered all-in-one motorized storage reel that comes with a remote controller.