A judge had ruled in favor of a woman in Dublin, Ireland, who broke her teeth at the bottom of a swimming pool that did not have its depth marked.

Timea Babos, 30, has received 35,000 euros (equivalent to approximately $40,000)  for injuries she sustained in 2011 after diving into the pool at West Wood Fitness Centre, Clontarf.

"The judge said she accepted Ms. Babos’s evidence that, when she came out of the swimming pool in severe pain and bleeding, she had not seen any member of staff to report the incident to until she had gone to reception," the Irish Times reported. "There was clearly inadequate supervision at the time and she accepted that Ms Babos had not seen any sign prohibiting diving."

Do you operate a swimming pool internationally? What are your regulations, if any, about marking the depth of a pool? Is this an usual case or more common than reported? Let us know in the comments section below. Read More