On the 70th day of a 79-day season, what most of us thought was a regular Sunday at Saxon Woods Pool in White Plains, N.Y., turned into a day we would never forget.

As the pool was being cleared for a reported missing child, the youngster was found safe and sound. But we had no time for celebration because at the same time, another young girl was being pulled from the water, unresponsive.

The pool’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) was activated and the staff immediately responded. Lifeguards, office staff, cashiers, laborers and park rangers went into action. Within seconds, two lifeguards were administering two-person CPR; a seasonal park ranger was calling the Public Safety Department for an ambulance; a facility manager was trying to calm the girl’s mother; laborers were asking patrons to please stay back and helping with crowd control.

Maintenance staff members were opening up our back gate and making sure the ambulance had a clear path to the girl. Other employees made sure patrons stayed out of the water and calm during this situation.

After a few cycles of CPR, the girl was responsive and started to breathe on her own. Another facility manager was now keeping her calm and awake while waiting for the ambulance. Moments later, the ambulance arrived and she was taken to the hospital. We later found out that she was discharged from the hospital that evening.

The EAP was activated without hesitation and everyone followed suit. This unforgettable day is proof that proper training and working together as a team can prevail in even the most stressful circumstance. When faced with a dire situation, everyone came together to help create an outstanding outcome.