Paul Sableman, Flickr

1. Store pool furniture and deck equipment. Seasonal pools need to store things like lap lines, deck chairs and umbrellas. Make sure your storage areas are prepped for the winter and ready to go, Peper says. Get some help from staff before they’re all gone.

2. Analyze programs. The offseason is a great time to look at your program mix and see what’s working and what isn’t, says Alexa Pritchard, recreation superintendent for city of Roseville, Calif. Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department. Her staff does a full-day retreat to take a global look at everything from training to programming. They come out of the retreat with the next summer planned out and a new activity guide.

3. Take stock of your staff. Knowing who’s returning and who’s not will tell you how much you have to focus on recruitment for the coming season. This is also the time to update payroll categories for those who likely will come back.

4. Winterize outdoor pools. It’s crucial to take care of this before harsh weather hits. Work with your maintenance staff to drain pools and follow all of the necessary steps to shut down your outdoor pools properly.