The only surefire way to know if employees are stealing is to catch them in the act. But Robert Siciliano, security expert with company rank and review site, recommends looking for these potential signs of trouble with an employee. If you notice any of these personality traits, he suggests keeping a close eye on your security camera footage for any strange behavior.

1. Big spenders: People who steal can have big egos. They sometimes brag about large purchases, such as cars and vacations. This can be a red flag.

2. Violators: Employees who habitually violate company policies could be stealing, too.

3. Drug abusers: Staffers with a substance-abuse problem sometimes steal to feed their habit.

4. Liars: If you catch employees in a little fib, there could be bigger lies just around the corner.

5. Disgruntled: Workers who feel they‘ve been wronged sometimes feel justifed to steal.

6. Loners: Staffers who make an effort to work alone could be planning to smuggle product out of the store.

7. Comes in early, leaves late: The extra 30 minutes before and after everyone arrives and departs allows plenty of time for thieves to toss items in their cars with no one watching.