Each February, Aquatics International honors outstanding industry leaders. This year, we shine a light on the advocates in our community — those caring, compassionate individuals who work tirelessly on behalf of people in need. They range from lifeguards trying to lessen global drowning to a philanthropist, a mother on a lifesaving mission, water safety proponents and more. We’re pleased to introduce them and will be sharing more stories about their work throughout 2015. Now, without further ado, let’s meet this year’s honorees. Philanthropy: Joan Kroc
Aquatics Education: Juliene Hefter
Lifeguard Training: Justin Sempsrott, M.D.
Athlete Protection: Katherine Starr
Learn-to-Swim: Beth Root
Lifesaving Gear: Rachel Griffiths
Adaptive Swimming: Rory and Joanne Suomi
Minority Swimming: Wanda Butts
Water Safety: Jim Spiers
Aquatic Sports: Carol Rose