After allegations surfaced that a party hosted at a Cape Coral, Fla. water park was out of control, the city has put an end to future events.

According to a report by ABC 7, the city has banned 22-year-old Travis Williams from setting up any parties moving forward.

The decision stems from reports that guests at a party last month were engaging in "teen sex, underage drinking and urination off the slides," the news agency reports.

Williams has denied allegations that anything controversial took place at the event. Despite his claims, however, the city will not budge on its decision.

The party, which had not been classified as a special event, originally was hosted in an effort to increase profits. However, no official contract had been signed, according to ABC 7.

Williams said he paid Sun Splash $8,000 to rent the facility for 5 hours, and though the party was supposed to run until 10:30 pm, it was shut down early after park management called police at 10, the news outlet said. Read More