Two children suffered serious injuries in separate incidents after being entrapped on a pool drain.

In late May, a mother took to social media to share her daughter's story and soon after it was picked up by several media outlets. According to an article in the Mirror, six-year-old Darcey Morgan almost died when her hair became entrapped in a pool filter while vacationing at the H10 Rubicon Palace in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

"Darcey was swimming under water when her hair got sucked into the filter that operates a waterfall in the swimming pool," the child's mother, Alex Morgan, told the news agency. "Her hair was stuck and she was unable to get up to the surface. She was kept under the water for over two minutes."

According to the Mirror, the mother posted on Facebook that her daughter was removed from the pool unconscious, given CPR and taken to the hospital. She also allegedly lost several chunks of hair that had been caught in the filter. The child was hospitalized for a day and was later released.

Much fewer details have emerged regarding the second incident. However, it has been reported that a young teen was left with serious injuries after being sucked into a pool filter, according to According to the article, he teen became caught in a water filtration system at a private pool in Carpesa, a town in Spain.

"According to Levante, the unidentified youth suffered horrific injuries to his stomach after he lifted a grate from the bottom of the pool and was sucked into a machine designed to clean the water," writes