The following models were named in CPSC’s recall. Consult the terms of the recall for more information about its application and exemptions.

A&A Manufacturing

10” drain – Model #560

AquaStar Pool Products

4RNDxxx, A8xxx, 8AVxxx, 8CCxxx, LP8AVxxx, LP8MHxxx, RLP8AVxxx, RFS9xxx, 10AVxxx, 10AVRCFRxxx, RFS12xxx, RWAV9xxx, RWAV12xxx, SUN9xxx, SUN12xxx, SUN18xxx, SUNA18xxx, WAV9xxx, WAV12xxx, WAV18xxx

Color Match Pool Fittings Inc.

8-AV-101, 8-AV-102, 8-AV-103, 8-AV-105, 8-AV-106, 8-AV-108, 8-AV-109, 8-PTD-10, 8-PTD-101, 8-PTD-102, 8-PTD-103, 8-PTD-105, 8-PTD-106, 8-PTD-108, 8-PTD-109, 10-AV-101, 10-AV-102, 10-AV-103, 10-AV-105, 10-AV-106, 10-AV-108, 10-AV-109, 10-PTD-10, 10-PTD-101, 10-PTD-102, 10-PTD-103, 10-PTD-105, 10-PTD-106, 10-PTD-108, 10-PTD-109

Custom Molded Products

25508-XXX 9”, 12” and 18”, 25513-2XX,25513-3XX,25513-7XX,25513-8XX,25515-7XX,25516-7XX,25517-7XX,25539-7XX,25539-8XX,25548-7XX

Hayward Pool Products

WGX1031B, WGX1032B, WGX1033B, WG1032PAK2, WG1033PAK2, WGX1031BHF, WGX1033BHF, WG1033HFPAK2

Pentair Aquatic Systems

500300, 500301, 500400, 500401, 500410, 500420, 500421, 500430, 500431, 500500, 500501

Rising Dragon USA

SafeFlo Suction Fitting Part#RD641-1100

Waterway Plastics

640-81XX V, 640-311X V, 640-470X V, 640-475X V

These manufacturers conducted their recalls independently because so few of the applicable products were in distribution:

Lawson Aquatics

MLD-FGD-1818, MLD-GOD-1818, MLD-SG-1818, FI-SG-181818, FI-SG-181824

Paramount Pool & Spa Systems

MDX 2.5”, MDX 75