Safer 3 is tired of having to explain what its name means.

So the water-safety organization is taking a more direct approach. It’s now called Stop Drowning Now.

“When people asked what Safer 3 meant, the amount of explanation required… you could kind of see the glaze in people’s eyes,” said the foundation’s director, Lauren Bordages.

While the logo is new, its core philosophy, from which the original name derived, remains. The Tustin, Calif.-based nonprofit stresses a three-pronged approach to drowning prevention: Safer water, safer people, safer response. (Thus, Safer 3.)

The group has done more than refresh its brand. It’s also bringing its water-safety curriculum, designed for children in pre-kindergarten through second grade, into the digital age. As more and more school districts gravitate toward iPads as a primary learning tool, it was important to offer an alternative to paper and binders, Bordages said.

Now schools can download materials and even customize them.

The organization also recently launched a membership program for swim schools and individual swim instructors. Benefits include customizable materials to help educate kids and parents about water safety.