Here’s a look at five innovations behind the design that makes this facility truly champion worthy.

1 Fast. The pool is 3 meters deep throughout to minimize vortex reflection, and the deck is level, with large-capacity transfer channels incorporated as part of a wet duct system.

During competition mode, the pool circulation system will ensure that the water is always maintained at the correct level so bounce-back from the pool is kept to a minimum, and the pool remains “fast” throughout the duration of an event.

2. Clean. A combination of high-quality filtration with effective circulation and UV sanitation will result in a chloramine level of less than 0.2 mg/l, excellent water quality for bathers and — in conjunction with the HVAC system — comfortable for spectators.

3. Healthy. The water treatment systems incorporate flocculation using polyaluminum chloride (PAC); medium-rate filtration on high-quality, single-grade, 1-meter-deep sand beds; medium-pressure ultraviolet irradiation; heating; and automatic pH and pre-chlorine residual control. The filtration system will remove particles down to 1 micron.

4. Versatile. To create maximum versatility for future use, a traversable boom at one end will allow the pool length to be accurately set, and a submersible boom with a movable floor at the opposite end will create a flexible space.

5. Green. Use of VFDs is expected to result in significant reduction in energy consumption and carbon emissions. Other eco-friendly elements include close control of the chemical parameters to minimize chemical usage and the reduction of disinfection byproducts; and the recovery of backwash water. A specially designed treatment system recovers backwash water, which is used for toilet flushing throughout the complex.