USA Swimming will not be participating in a FINA open water event March 13 in Abu Dhabi.

The decision comes after swimming's international governing body decided to host the race in a country where American swimmer Fran Crippen died in 2010, according to The State.

Although Americans are permitted to compete in the event, USA Swimming will not provide any financial assistance or support personnel who attend the 10-kilometer race.

"The U.S. swimming family is still mourning the death of Fran Crippen," said Chuck Wielgus, the executive director of USA Swimming, according to the news agency.

FINA, however, stands by its decision, indicating that it would be unfair to punish a country and banish it from hosting the race.
According to reports, 26-year-old Crippen died from drowning and heat exhaustion. A 2011 USA Swimming inquiry found that he was overcome by the heat, lost consciousness and went under. The incident was called "an inexcusable breach of safety" by former International Olympic Committee vice president Dick Pound.  Read More