Disaster struck at two separate waterparks recently. In Elmhurst, Ill., 20 patrons were hospitalized following a chlorine leak at the Mayan Adventure Waterpark by Holiday Inn on Jan. 21. Most of the injured were children suffering burns coughing and other exposure-related symptoms, according to reports.

The park was reopened Jan. 25. Rick Daugherty, DuPage County environmental health program manager, said it appears the chlorine leak occurred when a pH probe monitor on the chemical controller failed. Mayan Adventure Waterpark General Manager Kenneth L. Herman, CHA, said the resort is cooperating with health officials to determine the cause of the problem. ?The safety of our guests and associates is paramount and, in our opinion, it?s our chief priority as hoteliers,? he said.

Meanwhile, at Siam Park in Bangkok, Thailand, approximately 25 children were hospitalized when part of the Super Spiral water slide collapsed, causing riders to drop more than two meters to the ground. In an ABC news report, Bangkok police Lt. Col. Vittaya Reungongart said that most of the injured were between ages 10 and 13; four were admitted overnight for head injures and broken bones. The incident happened on Thailand?s National Children?s Day and was still under investigation at press time.