Owner: Happy Magic Watercube Co. Ltd.

Year opened:2010

Size:130,000 square feet, approximate

Retail price of adult 1-day ticket:$31 (approximate U.S.D.)

Staff:Approximately 340, peak season

Half of the architectural wonder that was the competitive swimming venue for the Beijing Olympics, the Water Cube is now an outstanding and enormous indoor waterpark. The facility opened in 2010 with all the usual features, including a lazy river, speed slide and a wave pool — but they are made even more exciting by being in a magical space that is far taller (longer slides) than typical indoor waterparks. Translucent walls that change color lend an ethereal air to the space and highlight an underwater theme. The facility offers two very different and memorable experiences by day and night, especially at night, when the outer shell glows with an evening light show, and special effects inside the waterpark create a dramatic, changing underwater world. Additionally, management and operations innovations include a state-of-the-art RFID cashless wristband system; advanced levels of lifeguard training; and an entertainment program centered around a wavepool with a suspended stage and giant LCD screen.