Owner:Dubai Holding (operated by the Jumeirah Group)

Year opened:1999

Size:7.5 acres

Retail price of adult 1-day ticket: $55 (approximate U.S.D.)

Staff:518 full-time, peak season

Wild Wadi is uniquely situated for a waterpark. It offers free indoor parking and is located right on the Arabian Gulf between two 5-star hotels. One, the Burj Al Arab, bills itself as the most luxurious hotel in the world — designed to look like a giant sail. While much in Dubai has slowed or stalled through the recession, Wild Wadi has continued adding attractions to a base of rides that already included 28 rides, such as a pair of Flow Riders (the first in the region) and one of the highest counts of Master Blaster water coasters anywhere. Food and beverage offerings at the park are atypical, too. In addition to several snack stands, there are three restaurants. From a design perspective, Wild Wadi embraces the local culture with Arabian theming throughout.