1. Did Ellis Go Too Far Firing Lifeguard Trying to Save Drowning Victim?

Posted By: Gary Thill

A Florida guard has been booted from his lifeguard chair for running to save a man who was floundering in the surf. The lifeguard’s employer is not paid to patrol the zone where the man had been in trouble. Read more..

2.Security Cameras and Alarms

Posted By: Elise

I have just been handed some money to improve our security cameras and the alarm system in our aquatic facility. If you have suggestions about a system that you like, ideas that might improve our bid or pitfalls to avoid, please let me know.Read more..

3. Breastfeeding in the Water

Posted By: David Putziger

Any insight on this? I know you aren’t allowed to ask a woman to stop breastfeeding ... but what if they’re in the water? Read more..

4.Colorado Springs Fires

Posted By:Laurie Batter

We want everyone to know that the team at National Swimming Pool Foundation is safe, and has been working offsite all week after being evacuated over the weekend. NSPF is operational. Read more..

5. Video: Drowning Prevention - Hollywood vs. Reality

Posted By: Dave Cutler

This video from the Redwoods Group shows how dangerously fast and unnoticeable a drowning can be.View video..

Top News

Orders, Judgments Levied in Sex Abuse Cases; More Coaches Arrested

Three more coaches have been arrested on accusations that they sexually abused their young female athletes. Read more..

States Face New Laws

Lawmakers in South Carolina and Florida have passed new pool regulations that will impact staffing and construction. Meanwhile, another law is pending in Illinois.Read more..

Report: Crypto Education Works

A Centers for Disease Control analysis indicates potentially successful strategies for preventing outbreaks of cryptosporidium.Read more..

New Waterpark Standards Are in Development

As the waterpark industry continues to develop and evolve, new codes are in the works that will set new standards for design, efficacy and safety. Read more..

Lifeguard Termination Ignites Firestorm

A Florida lifeguard was fired earlier this month for rescuing a swimmer outside of his zone, and the story has made headlines worldwide. Read more..