Lifeguards from Davie, Fla. came in No. 1 in June's Summer Lifeguard Challenge.

They also came in second, third and fourth.

How is that possible? Because four individual teams across the city's multiple pools participated. And they all happened to be excellent.

This is a Summer Lifeguard Challenge first.

So congratulations to Team(s) Davie for not only winning June's challenge, but also for making Summer Lifeguard Challenge history!

Coming in the top spot was Davie's Dream Team, followed by teams Mighty Mouse, Alpha and Betty.

This comes after Team Davie's big win in May.

Judge Pete Dequincy said the Dream Team's execution of the notoriously tough 2-on-6 rescue drill was the most rehearsed and perfected among the challengers.

"They clearly practiced and practiced a lot," Dequincy said.

What tripped up the other challengers? Many performed repetitive rescues. There were supposed to be variations among the six victims (i.e. some facing the rescuers, others facing away.)

Also notable in this round was the overwhelming number of submissions. Dequincy received 24 videos from teams all over the nation. That's another Summer Lifeguard Challenge record!

Rounding out the remaining Top 10 June challengers:

5) City of Temecula, Calif.6) City of Chandler, Ariz., Mesquite Grove
3) City of Chandler, Ariz., Team Nozomi 2
4) City of Mesa, Ariz., Stapley 1
5) City of Chandler, Ariz., Hamilton
6) City of Mesa, Ariz., Skyline