In a court hearing last week, no charges were issued against two Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation managers formerly in charge of operating the pool where 36-year-old Marie Joseph drowned.

Fall River (Mass.) District Court Clerk Magistrate John O’Neil has ruled against issuing charges against Brian Shanahan and Jeff Carter, but District Attorney C. Samuel Sutter has stated he will continue to pursue the case.

“We believe strongly in the evidence we compiled in these two cases and we will continue to pursue these charges. We now have several options with respect to how we pursue these charges and we will consider which one of these options to choose over the next few days,” Sutter said in a statement.

Joseph drowned June 26 while visiting the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Pool in Fall River. Her body remained in the water for two days, while the pool was open for swimming. At the time, Shanahan was the regional director for DCR and Carter was the SouthCoast district manager. Both resigned shortly after the incident. Read more...