A report in Illinois by a local news outlet has uncovered a lack of safety checks at waterparks in the region.

It appears Texas may have a similar situation. A recent story appearing on KXAN.com suggests a state-implemented system to report injuries does not require that all parks report all injuries. The investigation by Lindsay Bramson further suggests some waterparks are even breaking the law by not reporting the incidents.

As it stands, only injuries sustained on mechanical rides are required to be reported to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). the organization which administers the amusement ride act in Texas. Further, the TDI does not have any authority to penalize parks that fail to report cases.

Part of Bramson's investigation includes an em,ail exchange with Schlitterbahn after the news outlet took under cover footage of one of its attractions, the Cliffhanger, which currently is at the center of a lawsuit.

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