May 2009 Table of Contents

Buzz Promotions Provide Economic Stimulus and a Chance to Give Back

As aquatics operators gear up to beat the recession with robust marketing campaigns designed to lure crowds, it appears that a number of venues have planned special programs and pricing with an altruistic component. Read more

Buzz Help Wanted

Volunteer lifeguards? Given the current economic situation, that may not be too far off the mark Read more

Changing Times Editor's Desk Changing Times

You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Read more

No Way Out Lessons Learned No Way Out

I was sitting in my office when a lap swimmer knocked on the door Read more

Ready to Serve LifeSavers Ready to Serve

As operators prepare to open for a new season, many are wondering Read more

News Spring Drownings Precede Summer Swim Season

Preceding the start of swim season, several people have died in commercial pools recently. Read more

News For Sun-Safe Guards, Researchers Say Get Serious

There’s a direct link between how seriously facilities take sun safety for swimmers and staff and the likelihood that guards will protect their own skin, according to research published in the skin-health journal Archives of Dermatology. Read more

News Swimming Leg Proves Deadly to Triathletes

A study led by the Minneapolis Heart Institute’s Dr. Kevin Harris has found that triathlons at least double the risk of sudden death when compared with marathons, due largely to the swimming portion of the event. Read more

News Health Experts to Kick-Off RWI Prevention Week

Marking the start of the summer swim season, next week (May 18-24) is the fifth annual Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week, established to call attention to the problem and focus efforts on prevention. Read more

News Drowning Victim's Family Awarded $16.3 Milllion In Damages

Marking one of the largest awards to date in a child drowning case, a Santa Barbara County Superior Court jury has ordered $16.3 million in compensatory and punitive damages paid to the family of Jonathan “Yoni” Gottesman. Read more

News Olympians Give Back with Appeals to Lawmakers, Free Swimming Initiatives

Olympic swimmer and gold medal winner Cullen Jones visited Capitol Hill in March to advocate on behalf of inner-city children in his home state of New Jersey Read more

News New Projects

A short list of projects that are currently in the final stages of design or are under construction. Read more

News 50 Swimmers Treated After Chlorine Spill

Paramedics were called to treat nearly 50 people injured by a chlorine spill at a Black County aquatics facility in the United Kingdom recently. Read more

News EPA Anounces Inaugural "Don't Fry Day" This Friday

To remind Americans about sun-safe behaviors the Environmental Protection Agency's SunWise Program and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention have designated the Friday before Memorial Day as “Don’t Fry Day Read more

News Amusement Giants Face Financial Distress

While projections for this summer are optimistic, it appears even the biggest names in waterparks and recreation business are feeling the impact of the economic downturn Read more

News Optimistic Builders, Aquatics Operators Braving the Bad Times

Build it and they will come.” Given the current climate, that business strategy might sound crazy Read more

The Nine Lives of Billy Rose Reviews The Nine Lives of Billy Rose

AN INTIMATE BIOGRAPHY’ is how the author introduces this story about her brother, Billy Rose Read more

Getting in the Act Risk Management Getting in the Act

As warm weather approaches, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool for the season. Read more

Regaining Balance Tech Talk Regaining Balance

Getting your water quality up to snuff after a winter shutdown takes quite a bit more than unlocking the gate and throwing the switch Read more

Starting a Movement Water Fitness Starting a Movement

Cynthia Bialek has worked for years translating yoga into an aquatic environment. Read more

Taking Stock Feature Taking Stock

Regular auditing of your natatorium, pools, spas, slides, waterfeatures and play elements can help you better meet the needs of your patrons — and operate a safer, cleaner, more efficient aquatics facility. Read more

Piecing It Together Feature Piecing It Together

It's the beginning of a new summer and operators have a new chance to “show their stuff” as they open their facilities for the season. Read more

Finding Your Niche Feature Finding Your Niche

The economy is a mess and facility operators know what that means. Read more

Partner Benefits Feature Partner Benefits

Layoffs, tightening budgets, employees being asked to do more with less … these are the realities of today’s economy and, like people in most other industries, aquatics professionals need solutions. Read more

Five Questions for Operators Feature Five Questions for Operators

When it comes to preventing Read more

Six PLEAs for Patrons Feature Six PLEAs for Patrons

To help keep bugs such as crypto out of the water, here’s what the CDC recommends for pool patrons. More information and downloadable materials are available online from the CDC, to help you inform swimmers. Read more

Facing the Enemy Feature Facing the Enemy

How often do you see dry swimmers entering your pool? Until two years ago, that was a regular occurrence at South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful,Utah Read more

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