Sammamish Community and Aquatic Center

The facility had civic buildings on one side, and the natural environment on the other, so the design had to fit in with many components. Seen from outside, the large windows simultaneously connect with the nearby architecture and reflect the landscaping to soften the transition when going inside.

This facility was built to accomplish a few, sometimes contradictory, goals: To attract people of all ages, blend in with several surrounding buildings, provide an aquatics environment during the Seattle area’s many rainy days – all while embracing the nature that the state of Washington so cherishes.

The wall separates the pools so serious sports swimmers can train without distraction while open swimming and playing take place.

Large exterior windows used on all sides of the building bring the outside in, while providing plenty of natural light. If lifeguards experience too much glare, they can pull down a shade.

Adjacent to the leisure pool area is an indoor/outdoor body flume run-out slide.

The spa measures 98 square feet.

The City of Sammamish partnered with the YMCA of Greater Seattle to fund the nearly $30 million project.

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