A Las Vegas area waterpark is hoping to add alcohol to its condiments menu.

But the decision to do so has caused an uproar within the local community.

Now the general manager of Wet 'n' Wild is defending the park's decision to move forward with the plan, according to a KTNV.com news report.

"I think there's ways to do it in a very safe manner and I think that's what we're going to be focusing on," Wet'n'Wild general manager Takuya Ohki told the news agency.

The report indicates the backlash comes from parents who believe the "family-friendly" facility is too close to a middle school and a residential neighborhood.

Ohki noted, however, that the facility had been serving alcohol for the last several months under a temporary license and there more no problems.

If the Clark County commissioners approve the proposal on March 18, the waterpark then would have to obtain a liquor license.

Already, Cowabunga Bay, a waterpark in nearby Henderson, already serves beer and wine in restricted locations at the facility.

But this isn't the first time a proposal to serve alcohol at a waterpark has been met with opposition. In fact, Aquatics International is running a poll on the topic.

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