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Texas City Makes Changes After Brain Amoeba Death

Read how the City of Arlington adopted new equipment and protocol to protect its... More

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Texas' Farmers Branch Aquatics Center Receives AI Honor

Learn how this team addressed isolation among local youth and teens during the... More

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The Lone Star State's Brushy Creek Honored in Best of Aquatics

To successfully train its lifeguards and water safety instructors, management... More

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Lagoons Attracting Regulatory Attention

As large-scale artificial lakes and lagoons become more prominent, government... More

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New Texas Bill Would Name APSP Code for Municipalities

If it passes, the legislation would open the way for municipalities in the Lone... More

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Texas Bill Proposes Adoption of APSP-Backed Code

Authored by a pool expert who serves in the House, it would name the ISPSC as the... More

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