February 2011 Table of Contents

Lee Tate Power 25 Lee Tate

Lee Tate may have retired from his job as an environmental engineer for the state of Georgia, but he’s not relaxing in a rocking chair or hitting the golf course just yet Read more

Bob Vincent Power 25 Bob Vincent

There are approximately 38,000 public pools in Florida, and Bob Vincent is one man overseeing them all Read more

Doug Sackett Power 25 Doug Sackett

Doug Sackett has worked in aquatics since he came to the New York State Health Department more than 30 years ago, and in that time he’s been responsible for a lot Read more

Kathryn Scott Power 25 Kathryn Scott

“One day I’ll grow up and get a real job.” That’s what Kathryn Scott likes to joke when asked about her work Read more

Amanda Tarrier Power 25 Amanda Tarrier

Just nine years ago, Amanda Tarrier was a college student at Wesleyan University, finishing up a degree in earth and environmental science Read more

Chuck Neuman Power 25 Chuck Neuman

From the time he started his first business, a pool construction company, in 1973, Chuck Neuman has never been afraid to dig into a new project Read more

Carl Nylander Power 25 Carl Nylander

Since his days as an age group swimmer in Atlanta, aquatics has become more than a sport for Carl Nylander Read more

Capt. Charles Otto III Power 25 Capt. Charles Otto III

He hasn’t found a cure for cancer or put an end to the common cold, but the United States is a healthier nation thanks to Capt Read more

John Linn Power 25 John Linn

Just as Walt Disney was the man behind the mouse, you might say John Linn is the man behind the whale Read more

Colleen Maitoza Power 25 Colleen Maitoza

You won’t find many environmental health professionals as dedicated to aquatics as Colleen Maitoza Read more

Ellen Meyer Power 25 Ellen Meyer

For most people, chemistry is just another class they took in high school, but Ellen Meyer sees it as much more Read more

Franceen Gonzales Power 25 Franceen Gonzales

Franceen Gonzales was proud when Great Wolf Lodge opened in Mason, Ohio, in 2006. She was the corporate director of aquatics at Madison, Wis.-based Great Wolf Resorts, overseeing operations and maintenance of the company’s nine waterparks. Read more

Frank Guido Power 25 Frank Guido

As assistant Commissioner at the Westchester County (N.Y.) Bureau of Public Health Protection, Frank Guido was responsible for 600 public pools and more than 40 public bathing beaches Read more

Joe Hunsaker Power 25 Joe Hunsaker

Joe Hunsaker has spent a lifetime making his mark in aquatics, first as a national level competitive swimmer, and later as a founder of one of the nation’s leading aquatic design firms, Counsilman-Hunsaker Read more

Jim Dingman Power 25 Jim Dingman

He’s never held a political office, but you can still call Jim Dingman a rule maker Read more

Amy Duck Power 25 Amy Duck

Growing up, Amy Duck was probably not one of the kids you’realways reminding to stop running on the pool deck or attempting a dive into water that’s way too shallow Read more

Jim Dunn Power 25 Jim Dunn

Jim Dunn has seen quite a revolution in waterparks since he started at Aquatic Development Group in 1987 Read more

Chip Cleary Power 25 Chip Cleary

If life had worked out differently for Chip Cleary, he might be in Hollywood now, engineering the lighting for the next big film or TV hit Read more

Ralph Cordell Power 25 Ralph Cordell

Ralph Cordell is a man who sweats the small stuff. As the CDC team lead in the Career Paths to Public Health Program, part of the Science Education and Professional Development Program Office, he has built a career working on infectious diseases and their Read more

Tracynda Davis Power 25 Tracynda Davis

As a student studying genetic counseling at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Tracynda Davis lived through what became the largest waterborne illness outbreak in U.S. history Read more

Michael Beatty Power 25 Michael Beatty

Michael Beatty got his start in aquatics 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, literally. Read more

Dennis Berkshire Power 25 Dennis Berkshire

Aquatics was a seasonal gig that turned into a career for Dennis Berkshire Read more

Sung Choe Power 25 Sung Choe

Until Sung Choe became part of the recreational water program at NSF International in 2004, he had very little to do with aquatics Read more

Keepers of the Code Power 25 Keepers of the Code

The Model Aquatic Health Code is coming Read more

James Amburgey, Ph.D. Power 25 James Amburgey, Ph.D.

One of the leading researchers working to understand how to prevent recreational water illnesses, Dr. James Amburgey was a natural fit to lead the Recirculation Systems and Filtration Technical Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code project Read more

Michael Beach, Ph.D. Power 25 Michael Beach, Ph.D.

Anyone in aquatics who doesn’t already know the name Dr. Michael Beach soon will Read more

Natural Wonder Waterparks + Resorts Today: Check Out Natural Wonder

Gural Premier, the five-star beachfront waterpark resort hotel, is located in the Tekirova district of Antalya, Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast Read more

Hero with a Thousand Faces Editor's Desk Hero with a Thousand Faces

He actually ran toward the bullets Read more

Owning Originality Owning Originality

Owners of the Metropolis Resort, which opened in 2009, have gone way outside the box when it comes to theming the 28,000-square-foot Chaos indoor waterpark Read more

Riding the Current Riding the Current

Theming has come of age. As the two- and three-dimensional storytelling vehicle for a facility, themes have always been about escapism, whimsy, fancy and the far-fetched Read more

Aspirations of Authenticity Aspirations of Authenticity

When ground breaks for a new Caribbean-themed waterpark project this spring, project director Jim Hale will already have a good sense of how he’s going to bring a tropical escape to the Pacific Northwest Read more

Going Local Going Local

Jay Peak is one of Vermont’s premier ski resorts Read more

Lifeguard Sex Scandal Prompts Second Lawsuit Industry News Lifeguard Sex Scandal Prompts Second Lawsuit

A 21-year-old former lifeguard has filed what is now the second lawsuit against the Volusia County (Fla.) Beach Patrol alleging sexual misconduct Read more

NSPF Settles Lawsuit Industry News NSPF Settles Lawsuit

The National Swimming Pool Foundation announced that it has received payments resolving a copyright infringement lawsuit against the Nebraska State health Department and three counties Read more

USA Swimming Names New Team Director Industry News USA Swimming Names New Team Director

A University of Arizona swim coach has been hired as USA Swimming’s new national team director Read more

Major Waterpark Resorts to be Sold at Auction Industry News Major Waterpark Resorts to be Sold at Auction

Sage Hospitality has put 10 of its 11 Coco Key Water Resort properties up for sale, including locations in Cincinnati; Kansas City, Mo.; Omaha, Neb.; and Waterbury, Conn Read more

Top U.S. Swim Coach Cleared in Private Investigation Industry News Top U.S. Swim Coach Cleared in Private Investigation

USA Swimming found no evidence that an elite coach was having an inappropriate relationship with one of his athletes Read more

Fatal Suction Entrapment Occurs at Resort Industry News Fatal Suction Entrapment Occurs at Resort

A 33-year-old guest at the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort in Nassau, Bahamas, has died as the result of a suction entrapment Read more

NRPA Announces End of Stand Alone NAC Industry News NRPA Announces End of Stand Alone NAC

Following the close of the 2011 National Recreation and Park Association’s National Aquatic Conference in San Diego February 19, NRPA has announced that it will no longer hold an annual, stand-alone NAC show. Instead, it will become part of the annu Read more

Industry News A Statement from Dianne Hoover, NRPA President

NRPA recently announced changes to its national aquatic programming, and as we know and expect that many of our members will have questions, I want to take this opportunity to communicate our vision for 2012 and beyond Read more

Study Uncovers Link to Asthma, Outdoor Pools Industry News Study Uncovers Link to Asthma, Outdoor Pools

In what experts believe is the first study linking asthma to outdoor pools, girls who swam in outdoor pools were shown to be at greater risk for asthma, compared to those who swam in indoor pools Read more

Aquatic Firms Pinched as HOAs Struggle Industry News Aquatic Firms Pinched as HOAs Struggle

With the economy still struggling, some homeowners associations are presenting pool management firms with a dilemma Read more

Schools Hit with Drowning Lawsuits Industry News Schools Hit with Drowning Lawsuits

Across the nation, three drowning-related lawsuits have made headlines recently, raising questions over the safety of school-related swimming Read more

Industry Pros Debut New Association Industry News Industry Pros Debut New Association

Several long-time aquatics professionals have come together to announce the formation of a new industry association Read more

Parting the Clouds Lessons Learned Parting the Clouds

Cloudy water might be the No. 1 nemesis of aquatic operators Read more

On the Hook Lifesavers On the Hook

Health, happiness, money, peace of mind — which would you be willing to give up for the rest of your life? Most of us would respond “none of the above Read more

Lifesavers The Consequences

An extensive list of positive and negative consequences for lifeguard performance, such as salary bonuses for additional “off the clock” work enhancing patron experiences, participant safety, and/or general program quality Read more

Rescuing the Rescuers Risk Management Rescuing the Rescuers

Your lifeguards turned out a top-notch performance Read more

THE ABCs of DBPs Tech Talk THE ABCs of DBPs

Water in swimming pools, waterparks, spas and sprayparks (together referred to here for simplicity as “pools”) is disinfected to reduce the risk of illness from contact with various pathogens that are brought into the water Read more

Air Care Waterparks + Resorts Today: What Works Air Care

Operating an indoor waterpark is a lesson in efficiency Read more

Pool Safely Campaign Set to Heat Up in 2011 Industry News Pool Safely Campaign Set to Heat Up in 2011

Last year the Consumer Product Safety Commission unveiled this multifaceted campaign to promote pool safety and the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act Read more

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